Collection: Unicorn Eclipse

We are two Hmong-American sisters, Chia and Hleeda, and we run Unicorn Eclipse. We are graphic designers and illustrators based in the Twin Cities, MN who just want to make people happy with our art. This shop first started as a hobby in 2017 due to our love for creating and wanting an escape from the stress of being in college. The name comes from Chia’s obsession of unicorns and Hleeda’s name which in Hmong translates to “moon”. Our art is inspired by bright pastel colors, magical aesthetics, cuteness, and dreams. After 2020, we decided to grow our shop and invest in our art more because we were in need of more joy and peace in our own lives. We love the reality that anyone can create art regardless of skill or talent. Our journey of Unicorn Eclipse has always been motivated by wanting to inspire people, especially BIPOC, to keep creating and investing in their passions and dreams. We believe in you and we hope you find a bit of joy here.

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