Cute Stickers Only makes cute hand-drawn stickers featuring Joey the Goldie and Cake the Strawberry Cat. Perfect for journallers, planners and stationery lovers alike.

We also stock curated stickers, washi tapes and other stationery from US-based featured brands and more. We bring them to the UK so you don't have to pay $19 shipping every time!

Desy Kristianti

Desy Kristianti


Hi! My name is Desy (it rhymes with Messi, the football player) and I'm the face behind Cute Stickers Only.

I'm a neurodivergent Asian woman and a huge lover of cute stickers, washi tapes, and other stationery.

I remember collecting stickers since I was a child - I wish I still had my sticker albums from back then! I got back into my sticker obsession in early 2021, in the middle of the pandemic. It just brings me so much joy every time I receive happy mail or discover new artists on social media. It's honestly one of the things that kept me going through lockdown.

In September 2021, we got our first puppy Joey so I started journalling to keep track of his growth and milestones. It started getting repetitive after a while but I actually did enjoy journalling to my surprise so I started journalling on a personal level.

Let's just say this all turned into a very expensive hobby! Many sticker albums, notebooks and pens later, I've found journalling and stickers to be a key part of my life. Most days I would sit down and journal before bed. It helps me relieve stress and brings joy into my life.


Unfortunately, it can also bring me grief when I discover new shops overseas and they make so many cute things but they do not ship to the UK due to the new VAT regulations. It's understandable, most small businesses simply don't have the capacity to deal with the logistics. Others do but shipping is $19 which would be a significant cost especially if you're only buying a couple of items.

And then I thought, surely I couldn't be the only one feeling this way?

Surely there are lots of sticker addicts in the UK who couldn't order from amazing artists overseas but wish they could?

And that day, Cute Stickers Only was born.

I also decided to pursue my love for drawing and learned to draw digitally. Of course, my first original character has to be my dog, Joey the Goldie!

Joey The Goldie

Joey the Goldie


Joey is a Golden Retriever who loves meeting new hoomans, giving wet licks, playing, and watching birbs!

Would you like me to inspect your order and post a video on our Instagram stories? Just ask for Joey's inspection in the order notes, and leave your IG username if you would like to be tagged.

Are you an artist who would love to work with us?

We stock a curated selection of cute stickers, washi tapes and other stationery from artists all over the world.

If you would like to gain more exposure in UK and Europe markets, we'd love to collaborate! Send us an email at cutestickersonly@gmail.com

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