Collection: Only Happy Things Stationery

Only Happy Things was founded by me, Rowie, and originated from my love for paper and beautiful stationery. Ever since I could hold a pair of scissors and pencil, I have always been creative. When I started studying I came into contact with snailmail. I loved working with paper, washi tape, stickers and beautiful postcards. During this time I also developed my love for pins. At first I didn't want to give in to this as I knew this wouldn't stick with a small collection! At first I was mainly busy with my passion for stationery and pins as a hobby, but I did not want to stop here. From this idea came the idea to design your own stationery.

In 2018 I chose to open an Etsy shop and start designing products myself. It all started with a self-designed panda pin. Shortly afterwards, more pins and various postcards followed. I lovingly packed every order behind my desk in my small apartment. As time went on, my stock grew too. Until there was almost no space left! I have now moved and I have my own office, so there is enough room for all kinds of products. I started looking for new products to offer in my Etsy shop. That's how I ended up with sticker sheets, washi tape and notepads. This did not go unnoticed at other web shops. They approached me with the question whether I also sell through a wholesale offer. How nice is it when you can share your passion with even more people? Of course I couldn't say “no” to this!

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Only Happy Things Stationery